Energy Monitoring System

How Energy Monitoring System Helps

  1. Gives information about Section wise or Department wise Electrical data and energy consumption for taking corrective actions
  2. Gives a clear picture about energy costs involved into Production.
  3. Future Planning based on consumption patterns.
  4. Continuous monitoring of Consumption.
  5. Consumption pattern identification.
  6. Real Time Trend Charts to monitor specific parameters continuously.
  7. Focus on the part of the energy value chain that will drive the highest ROI (Return on investment)
  8. Easy to Control and Plan Energy Consumption with no extra man-power.
  9. Areas of Wastage can be identified and Optimized with constant monitoring.
  10. Increase Accountability of business unit’s total expenses – including auditing, Accruing and allocating energy costs according to actual use.

Key Features of EMS

Graphical Representation